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Gender Identity Dysphoria

I am thirty something, with a couple of children, but have always had the desire (which has progressively gotten worse) to be a man.  Basically, I feel like a man in a woman's body, since the age of five to now.  I was wondering if there was a connection between this and the human brain, given the fact that I do have children, but the itch never really subsided.  I am also attracted to men in all degrees.  

However, I do role play, and pretend frequently that I am a man, by stuffing my pants with a couple of roled up tube socks, dry humping an imaginary woman, and fantasize about urinating in the upright position, just like a man, and it all seems so real to me.  I feel as though my male sex organs are going to come out any day now, yet when the next day comes and I have to work with other men, I feel guilt ridden for what I have done the day before, yet still continue to do it in hopes to fulfill my desires.

I was wondering what the connection is with the brain, genetics and my uncontrollable feelings for identifing myself as a male?
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Please help???!!!!! Advice needed.
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you really need to see a counselor with a specialization in sexual issues and gender dysphoria to guide you through this and help you make the correct decisions, There are lots of people going though what you are and your not alone.

There are many causes for the disorder, nature and nurture.

here is a good starting point:
Causes of transsexualism: current findings and hypotheses
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Do you have any suggestions other than therapy as I am seeking therapy.  The very thought of me being a male consumes me everyday.  I can visualize my male body parts more and more everyday, and that is all I desire.  

Again, do you know anything about this as far as gentics are concerned, since I do have two children?
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well i guess talk to your doctor about getting prescribed estrogen supressors and testrostone to begin a F2M transformation..
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