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Having period pain but no period just brown stuff?

Before i was put on birth contrail my boy friend and i where having unprotected sex and he thinks that he might have *** in me. About a couple days after i was put on the pill i've been on it for a little over 2 weeks and i was suppose to have my period on the 24 or so and i started getting pains on the 22th. i got really bad pain like i was about to start my period.. when i went to go check to see if i was on my period i wasn't bleeding like normal. instead it was brown not close to being blood and it has no red color to it at all. it only comes out when i go to the bathroom and wipe. it kinda has little pieces of brown stuff which i'm not sure is.. I'm not sure if i could be pregoo? or this is something that happens when on the pill..? but If I am pregoo i would like to stop taking the pill.

Plzz Help Me!!
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You need to post this in the gynecology expert forum:


If you've been having unprotected penis-vagina sex, it's certainly possible that you're pregnant; however, I doubt your physician would prescribe birth control pills without first doing a pregnancy test. It's possible you're spotting during your mid-cycle, which is common in many women.

BTW: you should know that you can become pregnant whether or not your partner ejaculates inside you because prior to ejaculation, men secrete a fluid which can contain many sperm. That's why the "pull out" method doesn't work. For more information about birth control, etc., check out this forum:


To be sure you're not pregnant, get a home pregnancy kit at your local drugstore. Best of luck to you. Dr. J

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Hey, Yeah, im almost 16 now, and i have been having sex for almost a year now, soo yeah,But theres something weird going on, Everytime me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex he pulls out and theres like this nasty Brown stuff on the head and stuff, like its kind of thick i guess, and its not blood, because when he takes a cloth and wipes it off, its like a poopy color, and well i get my period today, and i hope what ever it is, my period flashes it out, like it doesnt hurt or anything, and its not a yeast infection, cus i just went to the doctors  not to long ago to check up on that, SOMEONE please help thanks.
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