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41 old gay got shingles indicates HIV?

I am a gay from Chengdu China, where many HIV positive gay men there. for years i followed the instructions from Dr. on this site, believing protected anal sex is safe. in sept. of 2018 i had the Duo test at 25 days and it's negative. During that exposure, he rubbed his penis against my anus, trying to get in. I noticed his intention and stopped him. Then he wore a condom and we had sex for several minutes. Because I doubt him, I stopped it. He didn’t cum and the condom was not broke. Later I pushed him to go to hospital to test by threatening to call the police. He did it and it turned out he was positive and he was not surprised. So I believed he was deliberately trying to infect others. Anyway at 25 days I went to the best hospital with the most advanced duo test and showed I was negative. I don’t know if 25 days good enough?
Since then i only had a few anal sex, and i only be top. and all the anal sex was protected and using the durex i bought in big supermarket, and everytime i checked the condoms afterwards to make sure it's not broken. On other occasions, i only had oral sex. I performed slightly for several times, never let them cum in my mouth. and i received several oral sex, some deep throat. as i learned here, all these should be safe.
i dont have high fevers in these years, the only time i was 37.9 for a moment, after i took a TYLENOL pill, it came back to normal that afternoon, so i guess it's fine.
but on 1st of march this year, i got several rashes on my chest and back, it appeared over night. that night i wore too much and a new wool quilt so i guessed it's because of heat. but yesterday i went to see a Dr. she told me it was shingles.
I know normal people get it too, but mostly HIV people. I am only 41, i should not have had it. i have regular dental ulcer for years, recently i had three lasting for almost a month. my mom had rheumatism, i was worried i inherited it, that's why i had ulcer and shingles? recently because of the covid-19, i was staying at home for 40 days, slept much less and felt stressful, but that could lead singles? i always assumed i was healthy.
Now I am so scared, and the hospitals are not ready for blood test, what shall i do? can anyone analyze my chances of getting HIV?
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