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Can a rash with no pain be shingles?

Husband got a rash two months ago that did not ooze or hurt (just some light itching).   Just before Thanksgiving  his rheumatologist took a quick look and said it was shingles because of the pattern of the rash, and gave him Valtrex. The rash has not gone away, but has spread. It still does not hurt, so he thinks it is not shingles but has not gone to a dermatologist. ( finally agreed to try to make an appointment, but now can’t get one till after Christmas.) We were going to visit a family with a six month old baby over Christmas,  so I am wondering if this could be shingles even though it doesn’t hurt and has lasted this long, and whether it will be safe for the baby to have him visit.
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Hard to say, although the lack of pain is a bit suspicious.  Also, two months is an awfully long duration for a shingles outbreak. https://www.emedicinehealth.com/shingles_symptoms_and_treatment/article_em.htm#what_are_shingles_treatments

I hope you have better luck with the dermatologist.
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