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I have a group of blisters on the palm of one hand and some angry red streaks going up my arm and up to my neck. Also the arm is very painful and I can't straighten the arm because the inside of the elbow hurts too much. The hosp. doc. said it is shingles, but I don't think so because I have had the blisters now for three days, the red streaks have all but gone, I just have the pain down my arm. Does anyone know if shingles can pop up later after all this has dissipated?
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That does sound like shingles- the blisters can last a while, unfortunately.  Are you concerned about getting it again after it's cleared up?  
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Yes, it does sound like it could be shingles.  I noticed that you mentioned in another thread that you have genital herpes.  Like herpes outbreaks, shingles can be triggered by stress and/or a weakened immune system:  https://www.healthline.com/health/shingles-and-stress#connection

Shingles is nothing to take lightly, so if your doctor recommends treatment, it's probably best to follow it.  If it is, in fact, shingles, you may wish to talk to your doc about the shingles vaccine to prevent future outbreaks.
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