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Custody, what can he do?

So I told the suspected father I was pregnant and he wanted me to get an abortion. We left on terms (btw he just moved to another state) that I was going to but I texted him later saying that I didn't want to, my reasons why and how I plan to move in a month or so to get settled somewhere new. He didn't reply and I'm worried that when baby is born he will file for full custody. He has threatened that he won't "go away" and will try to get custody. I have no idea what he is capable of and how custody would even work if we live in different states. I don't want to stress about him taking my new born baby away. He's not a bad person it just frustrates me that he would choose abortion but then decide to have a say if I don't get one. He was a jerk about it and very persistent that I get one so I'm sure he will give me a hard time about custody and his rights.
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What you need to say if he wants custody that he walked out on you when u told him that u were pregnant and you should also say that he wanted you to have an abortion.
He is the father and is as entitled to custody as you are. If you live in separate states he will probably get holidays and the summer break. If you want to minimize the amount of time he gets, do not file  for child support until the kid is older, and make sure you have proof that he has not been actively involved in the childs life, if he isn't. (Do not prevent him from the seeing the child, that will count against you if this goes to court.) If he files against you when the child is born, he will get partial or even full custody if he can prove he is a better parent.
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