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Do I have Sinus Problems

Hi Guys,

For the past 5 months i have been suffering from dull headaches, the range from slight ache to quite distracting, they are mostly located around my temples and forehead but also along the lower sides of my head.
Other symptoms include fullness in my ears and swelling of my tongue and throat very occasionally, aswell as slight jaw ache.

I went to see my local gp and he made me do blood tests, nothing came back out of the ordinary a slightly higher white blood cell count i think, but the doctor aid that could be due to me having a slight cold, so i was first perscribed a nasal spray as they expected it to be my sinuses, which didnt changed anything.

I was then put on a course of antibiotics dyoxcocline or something like that i cant remember the name sorry, this also didnt change anything.

I returned and was given painkillers to try and take away the headeaches, I found they just made my head feel funny, and made me a bit spaced out.

Im currenlty on Flixonase nasules 400 micrograms i believe, I have been using this for over a week and dont feel much of a change except from a bad cough, im not sure if the cough is a sign of the medicine clearing out my sinuses but im starting to get quite restless about finding out whats up, any help is appreciated.


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Your symptoms sound like a classic sinus infection which are notoriously difficult to eradicate. I get horrid ones and have all the symptoms you do plus a few dozen more. I often need 3 rounds of antibiotics to clear mine up and I've had more nasal irrigations than you can shake a stick at. My ENT is now leaning towards surgery.........but that's MY story.

Have you had a nasal swab done so they know EXACTLY which bug they're trying to kill? Have they suggested you get a CT scan to see if you have a blockage or polyps or a deviated septum?

Your bad cough is most likely from the infected goop running down the back of your throat and boy can I relate to the headaches that make my face want to fall off and my left temple feels like a stroke!

Personally it sounds like your doctor isn't real hip about sinus infections and may have slept through that class. I think I would make the leap to an ENT and start from scratch.

This is month 5 for me with my current sinus infection, I'm going in for another CT scan next week so boy do I understand your fatigue dealing with these damn things.

Let me know what you finally find out, OK?
I wish us both luck
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My god, 5 months?? I've had mine for 10 weeks and was hoping it was nearing the end. I've had every symptom from  pressure headaches , earaches, tinnitus to cold shivers. It's the headaches and earaches(pressure) I can't cope with as it makes me feel dizzy. It's really disrupted the last 10 weeks of my life . All I was given was steroid sprays :-(
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