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I'm a 22 year old male
Let me be brief
I had a tooth extracted not long ago, in which had a nerve exposed. One day it cracked (while I was chewing Ice, silly me) and I have had sinus pressure/infection since then even after having a tooth extracted.
But whats confusing me is my sinus infection is also accompanied by blurry vision, a headache on the left side of my head/temple region, itchy/dry scalp sores, numbness in my left leg and arm, acid reflux, pain in my abdomen, neck and upper back.
I've been content but its killing me here. Throughout all the symptoms the sinus pressure, itchy scalp, blurry vision and headache go hand in hand, in which completely depletes my quality of life.
Doing research I've also seen posture has a lot to do with the sinuses. Could this be my problem? I haven't slept on a decent bed in ages nor have I slept with a pillow in years
I also have amalgam fillings in which I heard are very dangerous
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You had a tooth EXTRACTED and a nerve was exposed. Have you had the tooth replaced with an implant or a bridge? Because I don't really understand how you could be chewing on ice with a fairly new empty tooth socket. What did I miss in your story? What, exactly, cracked?

You then apparently developed a sinus infection accompanied by a massive array of other conditions.

I am going to assume you returned immediately to your dentist and explained what was happening? What was the end result of that discussion? Did he send you to other doctors to deal with these issues? Did he fix your tooth?

Doing "research" tells me you've been online reading about all your symptoms which is where you came up with the posture thing, right? I have dealt with sinus infections for well over 40 years and I've every kind of specialist you'd care to name and not a single one of them EVER mentioned posture as an issue.

Have you seen ANY doctor? If not, I strongly urge you to do so as soon as possible.
I agree, you need help but I unfortunately can't give you the kind you need, which is medical intervention.

I wish you luck and if you don't know where to start...........start with the dentist.

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would not go back to THAT dentist, they obviously did an awful job in protecting you from getting an infection. if there is pressure in the cheeks or above eyebrow see a sinus dr/ENT .
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May be sinusitis and may need allergy test
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