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Should I be worried about melanoma?

A couple weeks ago I ripped off a mole it scabbed I kept picking at it it scabbed a couple times now it’s healed and is a scar with like red dots in it. I’m terrified it could’ve been a melanoma it was normal colour and about 2 mm or something. But it was a bit of a weird shape I’m having awful anxiety I’ve been to pharmacist I asked my obgyn and I went to a clinic all said it looked like nothing but I can’t have peace I’m terrified of dying and leaving ky family I can’t see a dermatologist for a few months
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You are likely freaking out over nothing.  If you are concerned, it's always best to have a dermatologist look at it, but what you described does not sound like melanoma at all.  For one, it's very small compared to most moles that turn out to be cancerous.

The "ABCDE" system is very helpful in identifying potential skin cancers: https://www.cancer.org/latest-news/how-to-spot-skin-cancer.html
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