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This mole suddenly appeared...

A light brown rectangle mole/scab/spot suddenly appeared 2 weeks ago on my inner thigh.

I am 20 and female with thin skin and have had a history of serious moles cut out before (2 on my scalp). Could this be another?

Although it looks different then the ones I've had before it is symmetrical, although one end is darker than the other. My inner thigh isn't usually exposed to the sun so could it be an age/liver spot? At 20?

Just wanting some advice before my appointment. Any would be highly appreciated :)

Photo of mole: https://imgur.com/fSHQVDK
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It looks like a mole to me, rather than an age spot.  Since it popped up so quickly and you have a history of irregular moles, I'd keep a close eye on it and see if it continues to grow and/or takes on an irregular shape and color.  If it does, that's a sure sign to get it examined by a dermatologist.

Right now, it just looks like a regular mole and doesn't appear to have the characteristics of melanoma, but it's very difficult to tell from a photo.
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