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Worried about a mole

I have had this mole for a few years now.But I am concerned whether it is normal or not.It doesn't ooze or itch or bleed.Is it alright?Please reply.
I am attaching the link to the picture below

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Having had my share of basal, squamous, and melanoma, I am a bit proponent of getting anything concerning being checked out by at least your primary doctor if not a dermatologist.  Better safe than sorry always is a good rule to go by when it comes to your health.
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First, the disclaimer:  No one can give you a certain answer over the internet.  Skin conditions need to be evaluated first-hand by a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis.

With that said - is this a new mole, or has it recently started changing in size, color, or shape? If so, those are signs that you should have a professional evaluation.  If it's maintained the same appearance for years, then it is likely nothing to worry about.

This guide is really helpful in assessing whether a mole needs further evaluation: https://www.cancercenter.com/cancer-types/melanoma/symptoms

It does have some irregular coloring and shape, so probably a good idea to have a doc look at it.  It doesn't look like anything to lose sleep over.  My sister is a nurse, and is fair-skinned and gets moles a lot, and her motto has always been, "when in doubt, cut it out."  It's not usually a bad procedure, and can give you peace of mind.  But again, visiting a doctor is a great next step for you.
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