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Anxiety and Sleep Position

In another post, you mentioned that you had an article on Anxiety and Sleep Position.  Could you please post a link to it.  I was looking around the site a little and couldn't find it.  By the way, I also read you recommended Dr. Weil's cd on breathing techniques.  Well, I bought it and you were right.  They work wonders for my anxiety issues.

Thanks alot.
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Here's the anxiety and sleep position article:


If you go to Amazon and put in Andrew Weil CD on breathing, you'll see the 2-CD set.

There's a good reason why your UPPP didn't work. Check out this article:

My book, Sleep, Interrupted has a lot more information about all these issues.
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could you repost the link to the cd by Dr. Weil and Sleep positions for a person with severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I've had surgery in 1997 and it was a UPPP but it did not fix the problem. I have been on a CPAP ever since. I just recently was surfing the Internet and discovered this site.

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