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Choking on Saliva in Sleep

I'm a 34 year old male in general good health.

I'm frequently waking with a gasp from my sleep after inhaling small amounts of saliva which trigger a cough and choking. The cough often lasts throughout the day. I often spend the rest of the day clearing my throat and feeling as though I'm producing a very thin, clear sputum from my lungs. The feeling is not one of acid, burning or reflux.

I do not smoke and consume only moderate amounts of alchohol.

Are there any measures I can take to prevent it happening? (Pillows, diet etc). I also suffer from anxiety and I'm worried that if I go to my GP with this symptom he'll consider it to be needless health anxiety.

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The first thing it to avoid eating within 3-4 hours of bedtime, if you're doing it at all. The same with alcohol, since it relaxes your throat muscles. Try not to sleep on your back, or if you have to sleep on your back, use a contour pillow. Hope this helps.
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Thnak you so much for your prompt reply I am very grateful.

I have read your articles with interest also.
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