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3 year old body jerks/twitches

June my 3 year old came down with Strep and impetigo. I noticed his body was jerking/twitching so I took him to the hospital. For about 2 or 3 weeks after I noticed the jerking/twitching ( arms, legs, shoulders, and sometimes his head would twitch or jerk). Well they kind of dissipated after that period of time, or became unnoticeable to me, until early August he fell sick again with strep and I noticed the jerking again. I took him to his pedi and she wants to do an EEG on him (I've only noticed the jerking/twitching when he's sick or running a fever. Prior to June I've never seen or noticed him jerking or twitching even when he was sick) Well 2 nights ago he way laying on my lap and I was singing to him, I felt his arms, hands, and legs jerk. Last night he was laying down playing a video on my phone as I watched him I noticed, his shoulders, arms, legs and head would jerk or twitch. He fell asleep and I removed to blanket and noticed he does this in his sleep. I don't know what it is and it's really scaring me. The EEG isn't until the end of September, and I don't know what to do or think at this point. Any help or info would be great!
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Also, he's fully aware of his surroundings and talks while happening.
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My son had the same thing happen to him. Step infection is very difficult to deal with both mentally and physically. strep is still in your child's body lying dormant until their a drop in the immune system. When this happens the strep releases toxins in the blood. This where the problems begin. The body goes into fight mode.  Strep is an acidolitic bacteria and thrive of those elements in the blood that are acid based causing the ph of the blood to become  alkaloid (very high ph >10). This is where we get the jerks and spasms.  Now let's solve the problem. We need to get the blood more acidic . Have her breath in a bag to get the carbon dioxide into the blood. Stick with this! It will work!  This is my own personal research. I am well educated!
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