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Asleep, but Awake

Has anybody experienced this….  I lay down to go to sleep, but I don't go to sleep.  I can feel my breathing slow right down and my body relax - my eyes are closed, but my mind is wide awake.  I lay there, frustrated, until about 4.30am when (if I'm lucky) my mind finally switches off and I get a few hours' sleep.  I go hard through the day so I'm tired mentally and physically, but my mind just doesn't turn off.  I said in my other post that I take Zopiclone as only the Z drugs calm my central nervous system.  None of the Benzos work for me.  Now my doctor has told me no more Zopiclone!  I don't know how I'm going to function.  Well, put simply, I won't be able to function.  How does one get to the root of the problem when nobody wants to help?  I don't know where to go from here - a sleep specialist?  What sort of sleep specialist?  A neurologist?  GPs are useless in my opinion.
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You could be in NREM2 for much of this time, a lighter but legit stage of sleep.  Very common with insomniacs.  If you want further help, see an MD who specializes in sleep.  Look for AASM board certification if you go that route.
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