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Attacked in my sleep? Real or just imaginative?

I have a brother that I got into a physical fight with once and ever since then Ive had "dreams" that Im being beaten by him. I wake up after struggling awake (like I'm partially paralyzed) and when I finally do I sometimes feel sore in the head neck or face. Ive caught him doing it before but Ive also woken and he'd left hours ago. Ive tried using an old phone as a camera but that thing barely stays on during sleep. Can a feeling of soreness and headaches be common from sleep or is that a sign that hes punched me? What about "memories" right before the attack? I can remember hearing him say things and feel him moving the blanket off my face before going full numb and then struggling to get up.
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From your description, it seems highly unlikely that you would not awaken immediately if being physically attacked.  To me it sounds like an overactive imagination.  If you just let this go and not worry about, and find that nothing bad happens, you will prove this to yourself.
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