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Awake dreaming?

For the last few years my husband has been dealing with a sleeping 'issue' that we just cannot figure out. In the first 10-20 minutes after he goes to sleep he JOLTs straight up, asks me "what is that" and will be staring really hard at something in our room. He has seen many things like a spider descending down on me, a sugar glider hanging out in the corner, a rat in our closet, a drone hovering over me, and so on. He is actually seeing our room, and me but he sees imaginary things IN it, so he's not in a dream world. He has worked really hard to train himself to recognize when he's having an episode and has been better about snapping out of it. But he had a bad one last weekend where he actually launched out of bed and hurt his arm, so now I'm just trying to find what this could be. any suggestions are so helpful!
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He needs to see a doctor and maybe participate in a psychiatric sleep study. I think these are a combo of a brain disorder and a psychiatric one. He may need some Ct scans to rule out injury as the cause.
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I've  had this same thing for years. I believe they are night terrors but I'm only just starting to research this as they have gotten a lot worse in the past six months. I have no psychiatric disorders or anxiety (I hope!)

So I'm following this to see if you find out something. Good luck!
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