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Awake for two days and feel like I'm loosing it...!!!

Hey there, I am an insomniac, though i'm being treated for it at the moment with anti depressants which work as a sedative, I do get really bad nights... Like tonight, I have been up for over 40 hours, and I have been feeling like i'm loosing it, the problem is, is that whenever I get into bed, (after being sleep deprived the night before-this means, totally no sleep at all...) I worry that the same thing will happen again.... like tonight. I feel like i'm going crazy, and I can't see straight, It feels like my mind is cracking up, and I feel worried I won't be able to sleep, and I won't be able to relax. What's the longest time someone has stayed up with insomnia before? and what happened? I am worried I'm doing myself serious mental damage being up for this long. Can anyone offer some advice on how I could get to sleep? i've had my med, and a nytol, and 2 hops, this usually is fine... but now.... nothing at all and I don't know what to do. I really want to relax and stop dreading sleep.
Please please help me, I'm slightly desparte, and i've come online as I feel totally alone, frightened, and messed up... I know this is ALL to do with lack of sleep, but it's something I really need solved so I can feel normal again instead of like a walking zombie!! lol =(...
any advice would be very appriciated.... I'm tempted to drink, but I can't with my meds really...that's not the best thing to do!! But 40 hours awake..... i guess anyone would be tempted to try to 'knock themselves out!!!!!!'
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awww sweeety this is exactly like me i havnt slep for two days either im trying to get some help :( iver trid sleeping and evertime i go to bed i worry about etting slee because i havnt slep for tw days its horrible its kind of like anxiety!! and worse you do need help just talk to your docter he will help you or get them thoughts out of your mind relax thin of something else dont think of trying to get to sleep or think of that you wont be able to sleep that way yuol stay up more because your brain will listen to that just relax hopfully it works and hopfully it works for mee xx
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I have severe insomnia also..  I have been relying on meds for most of my life..  Now I may be pregnant, and had to go completely off of them..  I'll tell you though - When I was like that in college, I would lie in bed and just let the thoughts race - as long as you are lying down and resting, your body is getting SOME rest..  It's better than none..  I have gone about 2 months with "sleep" like that and nothing happened to me except for my horrible thoughts and the nights of sleeplessness..  No one I tell that to believes me, but I have and actually lived through it, and I think I am okay..
I will not tell you to rely completely on this post because I have absolutely no basis for this comment..  I am not a doctor, but I just wanted to share my horrible level of insomnia and that it is possible to go through some sleeplessness nights and have nothing bad happen to you..  ((HUGS))  I am there with you :)
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