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CBT not help!

I admit I am weird.  I m not feeling the regular or normal ways people are experiencing.  Ever since I can remember things, I could never wake up on my own but always rely on alarm clock, except the time during traveling through airplane.  Due to the exhaustion of 18 hour delayed sleep, I could be asleep with the best quality and wake up on my own.

Havin said that, I've never had good quality sleep.  I'm always feeling tired in the morning.

Two years ago, my sleep was outrageously interrupted during the night, I started taking prescribed sleep aids. I did not like the way my head felt the next day, especially the mornings, so I quit.

I then started taking various concoction of non-prescribed sleep herbs and whatnots, such as L-Theanine, 5-HTP, Valeian root..etc with various dosage.

I get a little less interrupted sleep during the night, yet I'm still feeling so tired in the morning.  My head still feels funny especially in the morning too.  I still taking the sleep aids, for at least my sleep is a little less interrupted.

I do also incorporate the CBT training.  I've been strictly training for almost a year.  Nothing is changed, really.

I strictly get up @ 6AM everyday with the alarm clock's help.  However, I am always struggling getting up.  This morning around 5 AM, my husband knocked something in the kitchen while I was DREAMING (rarely dream).  Even though I did fall asleep a while after the "shock" by the sudden awakening sound, the quality of the sleep was not good.  When the alarm went off, I turned it off and wanted to get up just a few minutes later, as I always do.  I overslept 45 minutes after the alarm went off.

My questions are:
1. If I have trained for almost a year for getting up the same time (going to bed around the same time too despite of slight variations), why is my body not used to the 6AM waking up routine, yet still always feel so sleeping especially during the time I'm supposed to get up?
2.  If my traveling incidents work like a charm, is that why CBT not working for me??  I maybe need jet lag kind of irregularity to trigger my body to adapt????
3.  Why all the meds or supplements I've taken not really help me for improving my sleep quality but instead giving me the "side effect" for the next day?

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Are you napping?  If you keep a consistent wake time without sleeping in or napping, that should set your body clock and protect your prior wakefulness for the following night.  Important also to keep a bedtime that allows enough time in bed for proper sleep.  Doing that should increase the chances of awakening when you want.

Unsure about the "traveling incidents" but that does suggest the possibility of a psychological cause in addition to the time change.

No supplement has been found effective beyond a placebo for chronic insomnia.
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Thanks for replying.
Ever since I practiced CBT, I have not napped strictly.  I follow everything as possible, yet sleep not improved.  That's why I questioned if CBT is for everybody??
I see "No supplement has been found effective beyond a placebo for chronic insomnia."
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