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Does sleep apnea cause edema?

I was in the hospital for a week in January of this year and since then have been on oxygen at home sometimes, and usually need it if going out to the store, etc. I was never on it before. Since coming home, I have edema throughout my body, especially on  extremities, like my legs feet arms and hands (fingers). I NEVER had edema before going to the hospital.  I am taking Lasix 20mg daily and it doesn’t seem to help very much. The swelling is often painful. I saw a pulmonologist last week who swears the root cause is sleep apnea and wants to do a sleep apnea take home test. It sounds kind of off to me because I do rarely snore, I don’t have times in the night when I stop breathing or gasp for air during sleep. I sometimes I do have daytime sleepiness and falling asleep. I don’t understand how any of this could be related to the awful edema I’m now experiencing.
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I would take the test, so you can rule out apnea if that is what the test says. You mentioned daytime sleepiness. Do you go to sleep at the same time each night and how much sleep do you get?
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