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Having trouble waking up from a realistic dream.

Wanting to know if anyone else experience these kind of dreams. Every once in awhile I'll have a dreams and in the dream I can feel, smell and sometimes taste things. In these dreams I am somewhat disoriented and I begin to experience strange things such as this morning dream I'm walking around my family's appartment and I pick things out that are out of place, I walk into the bathroom and my recently deceased father is in the bathroom, he looks at me and smiles and I ask if he's really here while reaching out to touch his shoulder which I can feel. I leave the bathroom to my room which also is out of place and ask where my mother is, my brother and my dad hesitate then tell me that she went out for awhile. I step outside trying to catch my breath and this where I realize that this umis a dream and I blink a couple time trying to wake up and outside of my dream, I gain feeling in my body again and this is where I wake up. These dreams also sometimes become inception dreams where the second one is more intense and when I'm trying to wake up I'll wake up into another a dream, bit not as intense and usually happier just before waking up.
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I understand this all too well :) it’s a gift really. I’ve had dreams I thought were memories because they were so real. I was eventually diagnosed with narcolepsy—apparently vivid and lucid dreaming is common for narcoleptics. I would have a sleep study done if you can just to rule out sleep disorder :)
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