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I am having severe hallucinations tonight .Why is this happening?

I am having severe hallucinations tonight. Every time I fall asleep I will either go into a short state of sleep paralysis and see things and hear things or I will fall asleep and wake up and see things. I had a normal day today but I woke up at 3 am and I saw a man I didn’t recognize standing beside my bed with a bloody face and then he just disappeared. Why is this happening? And then I tried to go back to sleep and as I would drift off I would begin hallucinating again and I couldn’t breath or move this happened all in one night. I am terrified right now to even try to sleep again because This happened twice already in one night while trying to fall asleep and once when I woke up. I just need an explanation. I feel like the devil is messing with me.
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First, be assured that what you call 'sleep paralysis' is quite normal and benign.  It's part of the REM dream stage of sleep, and every one of us goes through it every single night in one form or another.  The difference is most of us don't remember it because we're, well, asleep.  Given the rest of your description, however, I suggest you see a doc and explain all this.  Either treat or rule out an underlying medical or psychiatric disorder.
That was the first time anything like that has happened too me. It just really freaked me out
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Something similar has happened to me. I woke up and a man in a suit with grey hair stood next to my bed watching me sleep, I didn't close my eyes or anything I ran straight into my mums room and spoke to her about what happened. This is the second time this has happened to me.
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