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Introducing a New Co-Community Leader

Please join us in welcoming Co-CL Heiferly to your community.  Heiferly will be working alongside Co-CL Bobdylan1958. She has a lot of knowledge regarding sleep disorders and has been a long-time Community Leader in our Dysautomonia and Ostomy communities, too!

We look forward to working with Heiferly, Bobdylan1958 and your entire community as it continues to grow.


MH Community Mgr
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Thank you, Cheryl. I'm super excited to be here and look forward to getting to know everyone in this community.
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welcome Heiferly...nice to see you here, I drop in now and than:)
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Awesome, nice to have a few of us around.
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When your mind and body retire for sleep, you reduce thought and action to nothing, and this in effect liberates your electromagnetic self from the matter-self (body and physical plane) through reduction of the influence of gravity on your matter, and in this unrestricted state of non-physical existence you therefore see what is likewise in the same plane, which in this case happens to be these bizarre spider things or shadow people or ghosts or demons or 'aliens'. Once you increase thought and action again you accumulate gravity again so to speak and it attracts you to the matter of your body to which you are linked until death of that organism. Sleep is very similar to death, and that is why near death experiences are very similar to sleep-hallucinations as they call it, and also similar to psychedelic trips or yogic experiences. All are one reality, folks.
They are all working by one mechanism, the mind, and its chemicals and electromagnetic expressions. Everything you think and feel is an electromagnetic pattern of expression, energy in essence. Even matter is energy. All is energy, expressed in varying ways due to the diffraction of reality on the spectrum of differentiation.
When your eyes are closed you produce melatonin which induces sleep and lessens thought and action to help you transition into the sleep state and dream state. Melatonin helps DMT cross the blood-brain barrier, which it could not before, and once this dmt gets in there it goes kabam and you are 'hallucinating like a madman' aka dreaming. If your body starts to perform action due to your thought level increasing then you will start to wake from your dream because you have made gravity increase in relation of your electromagnetic consciousness to your physical matter body which houses it.You are 'pulled' back in your body, but if the transition is incomplete, you will be possibly physically paralyzed because your matter body is not fully occupied by your electromagnetic consciousness self yet. Yet since you are always the self, which experiences always, then you experience what is around you, and if still transitioning as mentioned, then you witness the 'hypnagogic hallucinations' as they call it. But they are not hallucinations.
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