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Is it possible to sit up and speak coherently but still be asleep?

So... for the longest time my parents have never been able to wake me up, they always say that they have woken me up (I am sitting up and talking to them) and sometimes I can become very verbally mean and cuss them out and say I don't want to get up to do something even if I have been looking forward to doing that thing for the past week. When I actually do wake up and find out that I have missed out on what i wanted to do I don't remember a thing i said to my parents and I am just genuinely confused and worried that I said these things to them, I would never disrespect them like this if I was actually awake? Is this a sleep disorder or something? I am very confused.
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Suggest you mention this to your doctor next chance you have.  There is something called a REM sleep disorder that could cause something like this.  Not saying you have it, and if you have no more incidents going forward you'll probably just outgrow it.  But if it lasts and you are concerned, talk to your doc because it is treatable.
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Oh ya, it's possible.  I have done it.  I normally will wake up while doing something if it is active enough.  I woke up running outside my house in my pj's, I kid you not.  That was scary.  This stopped for me in my mid 30's.  Not sure why.  The only thing I narrow it down to is being sleep deprived and stressed.  It happened particularly when I started college and then when I was single living alone and then the first few months after I got married and my husband and I started living together (maybe that was stressful.  ha ha, and it took a while to get used to every night sleeping with someone).  Anyway, agree to talk to your doctor.  It's not really bad to do it except you can get hurt in that state if you leave your bed.  (IE:  running down your street).
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