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Nap = Sick

No matter how long a nap I take from 15 min. on up I wake up feeling sick, dizzy, and naustious! This has been the case for as far back as I can remember so I just avoid them all together. But from time to time I'll still dose off watching a movie and wake up feeling the same. I won't feel any better untill I go to bed that night and wake up in the morning...
Any ideas other than don't nap??? It's getting hard to avoid with a young child now!
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I know the feeling...I wake up with tremors and a racing heart if I fall asleep for short periods of time.  Have you seen a doctor about it?
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im the same way!!!!!!!!!!!   my girlfriend called sat said she would be here to pick me up..i said well i,ll take a nap..you know like a power nap,,i was ok before i took a 30 min nap..i woke up shaking and couldnt breath right...blood p went way up!!  over a 30 min nap..so i dont nap no more..this is a real bad thing...go figure..james
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Try thid method for a nap.
Sleep on your back keeping your self  straight.Take 8 breath (with nostrils)
Chane the position to right side and take 16 breaths.
Now turn to left side and take 32 breaths.
Breathing should be normal and feom the nose.Do this before you go for a nap/
There is no harm in trying. If you are takig  nap after meals, sit in vajrasan.Fold you leg from knees and sit on them for 5 to 10 minutes. This is a yoga posture. You can search  VAJRASAN in yoga website.
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