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Partially wake up unable to move

I think it began when I was in middle school (I'm 25 now), I sometimes partially wake up feeling like something is holding me down for what seems like a minute or two. When it happens, I'm still able to see the room, sometimes I can also hear bits and pieces of whats going on around me, other times I can't hear at all and while all of this is happening my body shakes uncontrollably. The episode happens about twice a month, I haven't been able to link it to anything specific that could be classified as a trigger.  It doesn't really hurt it's more of a uncomfortable feeling rather than pain. I can move my hands and legs a little, but I can't stop my body from trembling, I feel as if I'm being restrained by something, and I'm unable to speak I can only make mumbling sounds its as if my jaw muscles are paralyzed. I have been to two doctors who haven't been too much help so far. I have had an EEG test, which has returned negative results for seizures. Both doctors have really address the problem passively as if its not a big deal, and to me its a very big deal because it seems like the episodes are getting more intense, it's a little frighting.  I would appreciate any info that can be given....

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This same thing happens to me sometimes. I saw something on television before that caught my eye. They call this sleep paralysis. I get the same thing as you, but without the trembling. Sometimes it's a bad fan noise that's really loud and I can't move an inch. Here's something for you to read upon:


I hope this helps give you peace, just know that you aren't alone. Feel free to inbox me if you want.
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It used to happen to me to, until i realised that it was a dream and my body isn't really posistioned the way my dream told me it is. try just thinking thru it feal your body out.
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