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Poor memory and focus tied to lack of dreaming?

Over the past few years I noticed that I dream substantially less. I used to dream vividly every night but new dream almost never. I have also been experiencing so terrible memory loss, lack of focus, and brain fog and its very frustrating. I was wondering if it was tied to my lack of dreaming? I went ahead and bought a fitbit Charge 4 because I did some research and found it to be one of the best wearable sleep trackers, and what I found was that I only spend about 5% to 10% of of night sleep in REM sleep. I've been wearing it for 3 weeks now and it has been consistent with these percentages. Does anyone know if there is something I might be experiencing that is effecting my REM sleep? My sleep schedule is pretty consistent, my diet is good, and I stay off my phone before bed. I would really appreciate to hear someones thoughts. Thanks.
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Unfortunately no wearable or sleep tracking app can reliably measure sleep let alone sleep stages.  You'd be well advised to see a doc to determine why you're experiencing unrefreshing sleep.
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