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Sleep Apnea - Dopamine

Just was wondering if anyone else has had their dopamine tested and have had it return low? I have moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Read a study by the University of Michigan, Anne Arbour - they have found a direct correlation to OSA and low dopamine levels.  

I have also been diagnosed with low thyroid - which is linked some believe to sleep apnea.  I also have a fatty liver and endometriosis.

I was diagnosed with the fatty liver 6 months after taking a single dose of Depo Provera - an injectable 3rd world synthetic progesterone birth control.

Needless to say, I am compliant to the CPAP, it is really the only thing that seems to be dragging me through this.  

Just wondering if anyone else has shared symptoms.

I have given up on traditional medicine - and am seeing a naturopath who says my cortisol is high and my dopamine and seritonin are low.

I am Estrogen and Androgen dominant with cystic breasts and overies, high blood pressure, muscle pain, fatigue and horrible memory.  Depressed and Angry.

Wondering if anyone - especially any of the online doctors - have any opinions on this mix of completely crappy symptoms.

Thinking of asking for a complete blood work up again and requesting cortisol and cushings testing.

My live blood shows heavy metals and fungus rafts.

Your thoughts?

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Progesterone - which is depo provera is can lower your dopamine level. This can affect your breasts considerably as the production of prolactin is controlled by the absense(!) of dopamine. I would get re-tested and then look into possibly Parlodel to decrease the symptoms and until the depovera wears out. I would also do a check for depression symptoms - the Cyberchondira comment above - is a strong hint - and would also fit with the low dopamine. Boosting your serotonine levels may be another step either through psychopharmaca or through some fasting. This can also then affect the dopamine level. Possibly get checked for fructose malabsorbtion - 1/3 of the population can not digest it so well and not all have symptoms. But the triglyerides are a possible hint to high fructose consumption(->high triglyerides) and via maldigestion(->poisioning and loading the liver) it can draw you down.

Note: not a doctor, but one who had to see his wife suffer close up through similar.
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Fatty liver means you seem to have problems with triglyceride. I had a slightly too high triglyceride level in my blood, nothing alarming. I was a bit surprised since I ate low fat and not much meat. Later I was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption and this forced me on a low fructose diet. The next blood test showed my triglyceride level at rock bottom. Fructose in a diet can be a big contributor to triglyerides so you may want to cut down on sugar and in particular on "no sugar" products aimed at diabetics - often containing high levels of fructose.
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You would be right to get the blood tests re evaluated.
You should get a thyroid function tests - for your thyroid status; a hormonal profile along wih other tests to rule out anemia and any infection.
You also need to get liver and kidney function tetss done.
It would be advisable to get a repeat ultrasound of the breast and ovaries to see the status of the cysts and any change from the previous.
What medication are you on for the high blood pressure?
Is it under control?
After the test reports come in, it would be best to get a clinical examination done by a physician and discuss all your symptoms with him/her in detail.
Good luck.
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