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Sleep Apnea tests unreliable?

About 6 months ago my doctor seen I was tired a lot and gave me a sleep apnea take home test machine. A pulse oximiter attached to a chest strap that monitors heart rate as well as breaths per minute etc. anyway I had issues sleeping well but very very rarely woke up feeling out of breath and when I did it was often due to my neck laying awkwardly on an arm rest or pillow etc. basically beyond snoring in certain condition, I have no true symptoms of sleep apnea. So the test was a shock, anyway it came back supposedly that I have apnea but my dr said that wasn’t correct it just would mean an actual sleep study. So I went to the study only to find out that it wasn’t a study and they were just going to fit a cpap. I told the nurse technician that I wasn’t commiting to a lifelong treatment based on a known unreliable take home test that measured maybe 3 hours of sleep. She went back and reviewed the data from the test, and even though she said she couldn’t see everything she noted that normal apnea per hour is anywhere up to five, mine was 6.1 so barely over, on top of that she said the test doesn’t discriminate awake vs. asleep and a couple times I looked down awake to see the light blipping red when I barely paused my breathing while perfectly awake, she also noted my oxygen went to 89% at one point but did say the little oximiters are known to get bad reads sometimes and the vast majority I was 97-99% oxygen saturation. Basically she said she couldn’t just do a sleep study without an order but said she really doubted I needed treatment for sleep apnea and that the take home tests are very very faulty and unreliable. I guess I want to ask if anyone else has had a similar circumstance?
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I wake up tired and everyone says I could have sleep apnea. (I do have a deviated septum that gives me trouble.)

Anyway, I did the take home test and kept waking up because it kept falling off of me. The results say I don’t have sleep apnea but I have my doubts. I wake up exhausted. Could be the nose though.
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Mines the opposite, says I do when I have no symptoms.. seems kind of shotty
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