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Sleep disorder.

I actually have many problems. I am 23 years old. I have had constant throat tightness, even during the day, for about a month now. Only on the left side. When I try to sleep, my body jerks many times and prevents me from falling asleep. I am fatigued and my legs are tired all the time. I have painless muscle spasms all over my body at different times of the day, especially at night. Tingling in my hands and feet every now and then, mainly left side. I feel light headed in the mornings and have head aches as though I am not getting enough oxygen to my brain. My stomach feels bloated and I have trouble with bowel movements, sometimes going a couple of days without one. Chest pains occur often. I don't have much of an appetite anymore. I don't feel like myself. A lack of motivation to do anything and my attitude is all over the place. I do have acid reflux disease and I am a little overweight. I do think it is partially stress related. Any ideas?
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Just based on your descriptions, sounds like a sleep study could be useful in diagnosing what is happening as you go to sleep and when you sleep. You describe symptoms that are sometimes associated with Restless Leg Syndrome and/or Periodic Limb Movement Disorder and also sleep apnea. Both of these could be assessed during a sleep study, as well as your oxygen levels, heart beat, and stages of sleep your brain achieves.

Hopefully you are treating your acid reflux and sleeping with the head of the bead slightly elevated and on your left side.
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The symptoms which you are describing may correlate with stress, exhaustion or anxiety. The sensation of pins and needles (paresthesia) is an uncomfortable tingling or prickling or numbness, usually felt in the hands or feet. It generally has no long-term consequences. It may be due to awkward position of limbs while sleeping, leading to pressure against the nerves or reduced blood supply locally.

However, if persistent, these symptoms may indicate nerve damage or certain disorders of the central nervous system  such as restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, depression, multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, hypothyroidism, medications, or vitamin B12 deficiency, to name a few.

RLS is probably the most frequent movement disorder. Most people with RLS also have periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD), repetitive movements of the toe, foot, and sometimes knee and hip during sleep. They are often recognized as brief muscle twitches, jerking movements of the feet. Both of these can lead to disturbed sleep.

Although these conditions are distinct, they may co-exist in a person. You should visit a neurologist or a sleep specialist stating your history and medication details. A thorough examination, sleep study and appropriate medication will surely provide you relief from symptoms, leading to sound sleep.


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I had some of the same symptoms that you mentioned and for me it was a somewhat new diagnosis of electromagnetic (hyper) sensitivity.  I had tingling headaches and bad ear ringing for months (the same ear I used on my cell phone).  I had bouts of nausea, acid reflux, sleep problems, night sweats as well as a heavy foggy headed feeling. My eyes would occasionally go blurry.  I felt anxious although nothing was so stressful.   had pains in my facial bones.  It took me a long time to realize that I was reacting very strongly to radiation from cell phones (and antennae towers), dect phones (powerful cordless phones) and wifi systems -- all radiate a lot of radiation and my body just couldn't take it anymore.   I didn't believe it but a friend recommended to literally turn them all off for a few days and I began to feel a bit better – it took a week to feel more myself again.  

I learned that I was so sensitive that I was reacting to most electronics that cast an electromagnetic field -- all I can say is that I know it sounds crazy and most doctors know little about it.  The following sites helpful in just understanding what the hell was going on  electrosensitivity.org and weepinitiative.org  and I joined health.groups.yahoo.com/group/emfrefugee/   where I founds hundreds of people around the world suffering from exactly the same symptoms  – I learned what to stay away from – it is still a struggle but at least I know what it is I suffer from and how to feel better!
Anyway -- this information might be helpful -- feel better.
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