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Sleep doc or primary care doc to sort this out?

I can't tell why. I have an extra home security camera with night vision trained on my bed and hooked to the security DVR. I mean spot-on all throughout the night, typically averaging about 33 to 35 minutes apart, I wake up to turn over and go back to sleep.
2018 in-lab study showed 4.7 AHI and 18 RDI (indicative of UARS). Had deviated septum fixed and turbinate reduction. Lots of RERAs - 50 breathing events in 2.75 hours. Severe sleep fragmentation noted.
A home sleep study after that surgery showed a 5.2 AHI overall, but some of the positions had higher AHI like 9 listed in the technical details. Also, an apnea listed as 85 seconds long and yet no oxygen level drops below 92/93. I'm puzzled. It even showed a heart rate down to 42bpm and spikes up to 100+ during the night. Been to heart doc for a full Stress Echocardiogram, had all kinds of blood work, etc.
Should I be chasing the UARS? I feel like garbage every morning. This has led to panic attacks due to "fight or flight" mode malfunctioning. Now I have had Gastritis for like 1.5 months. I feel short of breath in spurts throughout the day and I've been extremely dizzy-headed the past 1.5 weeks. When I take a nap, sometimes my legs hurt afterwards with calve cramps. No energy daily no matter how much I sleep. Odd feelings, heart palpitations, etc.
All the UARS or apneas? Off to sleep doc next? Primary care doc?

I also wake up a lot at night being fully awake with my brain, but my physical body is still asleep until I move my head too far, reach my phone or reposition my body. When it wakes up. Otherwise, I could say there for at least 2 minutes feeling my body 'vibrate/jerk' in sleep mode. Is this a sleep disorder of its own? I don't have hallucinations like the part-dream/part-reality people have with sleep paralysis.
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Suggest starting with your primary care doc for a full workup to either treat or eliminate the possibility of overlap from unaddressed and inadequately addressed med issues causing this.  Your PCP might then suggest a consult with an MD who specializes in sleep.  Look for AASM board certification.  Might also consider use of a full CBT sleep training system to address nonmedical root issues that could be contributed, and these are actually a lot more common.
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