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Sleep problem

not really sure hot to put this as it is an absolute stupid problem but

ever since april last year i had two nights, one on a sunday and one the following friday, were i couldnt get to sleep until 2 or half two in the morning.

now on sundays all i think about is if i will be able to get to sleep tonight and it really does bug the life out of me when i wake up on a monday morning and i think " why was i so worried? i slept fine"

but then the following sunday it starts over again.

any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, you seem to be stressed out and sleep disturbance might be so. How about your job and timings. Do morning-evening walk, stretches, have nutritious diet with lot of water or other liquids, have hot shower and listen to soft music before going to bed, these can be soothing to mind and body so it may be of some help. Few sessions of massage therapy can be beneficial. Mild dose of alprax also can be tried. Keep updating of any visit to sleep specialist and a sleep study. Take care.
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This seem the stress and pressure you gave to you body so affecting your sleep.  Try to relax during your sleep, you can do a few option of the following

→ Relax your body before sleep.  You can do some breathing exercise to relax your whole body helping it easier to go to sleep.

→ Go to bed at same time every night and even during weekend.  When our body get used to the routine, it will provoke us to sleep by sending message from our circadian clock.

Good luck to you!!
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Hi Rob, how are you doing. hope now you might have felt better and a good sleep. Give a try to check your blood pressure also. How about the tips helping you, are you seeking any medical help. Keep updating of any visit to a spicialist. Take care.
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