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Using pillow CPAP device & "Cold Sore"-like event on inner nostril -- normal?

After two nights of just beginning to use my new CPAP device (I love it so far!), when I removed the nasal pillows this morning, I immediately realized that a cold-sore-like event was on my inner nostril.  I presume it stems from a) irritation of something new, b) a reaction to the pillow latex, c) too much moisture (the humidity setting is on on 'auto') from the humidified, d) all or none of the above.  I am concerned about using the machine again tonight -- I want to, but am looking for others experiences if it's best to let either breakout and then heal (or just heal, if this is a quick skin event)?  Also, I'm interested to hear if others have similar issues upon being introduced to the CPAP device?  My supplier suggested I use KY jelly which she said is safe with the pillow latex.  Thanks!
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