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What is this dream im having or is it a dream?

I'm a thinker so in order for me to go to sleep I have to think of something like winning the lottery but I have been experience different dreams the first time it started I felt like I was up but I can see something dark it do not have a shape coming around the room I'm in it happened in my bed and my boyfriends bed room but the dark image comes around the room and about time it gets to me I wake up that have happen for a while and stop I had another time me and my boyfriend was asleep in my bed and I cant remember what I saw but what ever it was it though me real fast and I felt a shock and when it shocked me it lite up but it went thought into my boy friend I did see it come out and know I'm feeling when I at home or my boyfriends I feel like something  comes onto me and I feel like m up and I look around the room what ever it is I cant see it I can feel it bout I try to avoid it and turn over because I don't know what it is
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Sorry.  Is this frightening to you?  Do you really believe there is 'something there' or are you inquiring just about the dream aspect of it?  This article talks about adult nightmares.  It can happen for lots of people besides the random factor. Even things like eating  before bed can trigger a nightmare.  Do you take any medications?  Are you an anxious person?  All can factor in.  https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/guide/nightmares-in-adults#1 Bedtime routine and general behavior changes help 70 percent of the time in overcoming persistent nightmares.  Give the article a read and let me know what you think of it.
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It doesn't really scare me I just feel like something is here I can feel it its, it feels like I'm sleeping but woke when I feel it its really hard to explain when it happens
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