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What kind of sleep disorder does this sound like, if it is one?

I have an inconsistent sleep schedule. For one thing, I have grwat difficulty sleeping at the same time two days in a row. I will finally get to sleep at a socially acceptable time, like 10-11 pm, wake up the next morning, fully rested, at 5-8, and be unable to fall asleep again until 5-6 the following morning. This pattern gets broken up when school is in session, but that brings a different, unusual pattern. I will wake up to my alarm (sometimes) at ~8:30, head off to school, return, then fall asleep around 2-3 am, wake up mostly rested at ~8:30 the next morning until the previously mentioned pattern attempts to reassert itself on weekends. I'm coping with this reasonably well I'd like to think, but I would also like to know what this is and if there is some sort of treatment other than, "Force yourself to sleep normally." Which is supremely unhelpful. Unless a lack of an ability to consciously force sleep is also unusual.
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