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What type of dreaming is this?

Every so often, about once a month, I experience a dream that wakes me up and I temporarily semiconsciously react to it. Some examples include:

- dreaming a wall was falling on me so I got up and laid on the couch in my living room

- dreaming that bugs were under my pillow and taking a different pillow and laying on the floor

- dreaming someone was in my living room and beginning to get dressed to see what was going on.

- dreaming that something was on my bed and woke up to kick it off.

- during a home sleep study while wearing a monitor, dreaming that it was 5:00 am (about the time I usually wake up) and taking off my monitor. It was only 11:00 pm.

In all these instances, I am at least semiconsciously aware acting as if the dream was real. Within a few minutes however, I also realize it was just a dream and I go back to bed.

What type of dreaming is this? Are these nightmares or a form of lucid dreaming or sleep walking?
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Best answer will come from your doc.  Sounds to me like the possibility of a REM sleep disorder, but again describe to your doc to be sure.
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