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Why can't I sleep in?

I wake up early for work everyday at 6am. On the weekends I'm off and would like to sleep in. My body won't let me. I'm still waking up extremely early. Even if I'm out the night before until 2 or 3 am...I'm still waking up early. I'll be tired and want to go back to bed but I can't. I can feel myself become irritated throughout the day because I'm so tired. I also feel like my anxiety may have a part to play in this. I'm not taking any medicine at the moment but I'm also wondering if I were still on it would my mind be more relaxed and not feel like I have to get up at the crack of dawn all the time. It's to the point where my toddlers sleep in longer than me...any thoughts ?  
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You have a well defined circadian rhythm that puts you to sleep at the same time. People who don't have a rhythm have sleep disorders and your attempt to stay up past your rhythm doesn't work well because your body wants to stay in the rhythm.
Anxiety can have something to do with not getting back to sleep for the sleep in, so perhaps you can study some methods of meditation to see if you can find one that works for you. I meditate on a dog that I walk in an off leash park, perhaps you can think of something you enjoy and focus on it over and over until you get bored and fall asleep again.
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So, we are creatures of habit.  I wake up most mornings at 6 am.  So, on the weekends, whether I like it or not, I wake at 6.  Grrr.  I've made a concerted effort to ignore and continue sleeping on the weekend.  What you are experiencing is VERY normal.  

Things that work for me is to have white noise to block sound.  I may get up and use the restroom but I lay back down.  I don't do stimulating things like turn on the tv. I keep the room dark.  good luck
Yes, all or any of those things help too. It helps to read a few books on sleep issues since you have to spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so it is time well spent to find the best way that works for you to do it.
Thank you all..it's just that my mind feels so wired and it's like I'm forcing myself to be up even though my body feels tired. It's very annoying.
Our mind can be noisy. Try the letting go exercise.  Lay still.  Picture the 'wired' energy leaving your body one place at a time.  Visualize moving down your leg and out your right foot, out your left, out your right hand out your left out your head.  Sounds dumb, but that visualization can be effective for better relaxation. It IS annoying when we want to sleep but feel we can't.  One thing to keep in mind too is your daily exercise.  It helps to exercise regularly and it improves sleep.  good luck to you!
A paradoxical psychology method is to focus on staying awake which might put you back to sleep if you are tired enough. Sometimes it takes a lot of energy to focus on sleeping again, which is why the paradoxical might work for you.
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