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Why do I fear sleeping?

There are days I’m fine got to bed. Then there are nights like tonight where I dose for a few seconds even though I’m exhausted. I wake panicked heart pounding. Then I start pacing I want to go outside. I need sound, sometimes white noise works sometimes tv works, nightLight. I usually play a game to calm me. I sometimes wake up extremely warm. I’m getting about 5 1/2 hours sleep. I haven’t been “normal “ since my surgery. I’m scared to fall asleep. I’m afraid of sleeping. This has me nervous because I just want rest.
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What you are describing sounds like hyperarousal.  This is typically caused by excessive stress and/or anxiety experienced during waking hours.  It could be your surgery caused this, but you should be confident most sleep issues tend to resolve on their own as we adapt to the underlying problem that initially caused it.  You might benefit from some counseling, and learning some stress management methods.  
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