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Why do I wake up so much?

I have been suffering from insomnia for about two months now. Some weeks I get decent sleep and some weeks I struggle to get any sleep. On the worst days, it takes me about two to three hours to fall asleep and then when I do finally fall asleep I wake up on average six times in a night. Sometimes when I wake up I could feel my heart racing. I went to my doctors to recommend a sleep study, but he said it was not necessary. I got my blood tested and the results came back normal. I am very puzzled to what this could be. Any thoughts???
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Insomnia. Most likely chronic. I have had it undiagnosed for maybe 5 months now.
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Did they test your Vitamin D?
Level needs to be at 50ng/mL

Raising levels has improved my sleep. Magnesium is beneficial as well and needed when taking Vitamin D3.
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