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constant dreams all night

I have had a few years of poor sleep but it was gotten worse and I never feel rested or have energy to do much, have had sleep studies and the last one said  am in stage 1 and 2  all night. I normally can fall asleep around 11 pm but I start dreaming and wake up about an hour later and this goes on all night until I finally get up around 6 or 7 am do to stress and frustration. At times I get up at 3 or 4 because I don't want to dream anymore or the stress in my neck gets to painful to fall back asleep and I get up. The dreams aren't bad just annoying. I've been prescribed different medications but nothing helps. Is there anything I can do to get a good nights sleep?
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You have what I believe is a genetic condition. I would try to enjoy things. I also dream constantly and have done so since I was a child. Six, seven or eight dreams a night. Some nightmares of the war. It's like going into the Matrix. And the are very real and tactile with smell, color touch. Sometimes I get to visit the dead (not real, of course) why some people feel they have been abducted. I wouldn't try to shut them off. There are a gift, in an unusual sort of way. You can find you may influence them, which is kind of cool. Sort of like making your own movies.
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I have a trouble-mare dreaming problem, every night and maybe two or three of them..I don't have a conscious recall of several, maybe I remember briefly just the last one.  That and being an old guy my sleep is interrupted and that results in trips to the toilet.  

Try "Lucid Dreaming" methods. Search on the web and you'll find lots of help suggestions on how to engage the dreams to your satisfaction and maybe enjoyment.  I liked a book on the subject by Stephan LaBerge of Stanford University.  I have not accomplished Lucid Dreaming engagement, I'm still a "victim"  maybe some day I will.  For now I'm dealing with the loss of a beloved dog and am taking sleeping pills.. still have dreams but get another hour or two of sleep.
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We all have dreams, even though we cannot always remember what they are.

Dreaming is your brain processing all sorts of information.

You do not say whether you eat or drink or watch any movies before bedtime.  Some foods, and especially cheese can make you dream more, so I have been told.

If you have a stressful and anxious days, that will trigger off any bad dreams.

In the evening a few hours before your bedtime, I suggest you try and not watch any films or programmes that can make you feel "uptight" or anxious.  Have a warm relaxing bath to help to unwind and relax.  Learn relaxation techniques like breathing to help with relaxation.  

If there are any stressors in your life, try and resolve them so that you are not feeling anxious about things.  Any anxiety issues can cause unpleasant dreams.  

Having a hot milky drink is said to help with relaxation and sleep, so you can try that.  Avoid tea, coffee or caffeinated drinks for a few hours before bedtime.  
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