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could this be carpal tunnel syndrome?

because of my job, i go to bed around 7 pm.  I usually manage to get around 2 to 3 hours sleep, and then it starts.  I wake up feeling like my right hand has been run through a meat grinder.  the pain is so extreme that I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I have no health insurance, so surgery is out of the question.  does anyone know of something that actually helps?  thanks,  lucyred68
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You posted in the wrong forum. But I can answer anyway. It would help if you were more specific, meatgrinder is not descriptive. So I will tell you what carpel tunnel feels like and you can figure it out.

Dont just jump to surgery! Usually in the day time you get a severe cramping feel in your hand, thumb and wrist after performing repetitive motions like typing. Nerves are compressed in the wrist. It can go up the forarm as well. Makes it hard to type as fingers are slow to move. Make get shooting pain that feels like electrical shocks in the finger tips. This shock feel with numness and tingling will happen at night after a few hours of sleeping also because we curl our wrists at night. Some say a wrist splint is the answer, I say a wrist wrap that compresses the tendons works better for me.

****At least 50% of carple tunnel is really not that. The same nerves can be compressed by knotted for arm muscles or a tight neck or shoulder (me). The hand nerves come from the base of the skull/neck. It can be pinched there but the result is called refered pain at the end of your hands!**** N neck specialist made my hands feel better. Most hand specialist dont know squat about necks and dont even think about it! You need to learn about stretches called nerve glides too - they help.

This info is all true, I learned the hard way.
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