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why can i sleep all night and all day?

Hi i am writing to hear some feed back as why i cant stop sleeping i have tried everything from going to bed earlie sleeping 12 hours to going to bed late and sleeping 4 hours it doesnt matter how i change my sleeping pattern i still need to sleep throu the day?? it is very frustrating and deppresing to the point im on antideppresants as a result i have been told by my doctors that the reason i sleep so much is becouse of depprestion which i have suffered from as a young lady but its been a year now on antideppresants with no change admitedly i sufer from (OCD) which i was diognosed at 13yr but still no reason for so much sleep? i am a mother of a 3 yr but do NOT think she is this result as why i need to sleep so much.
If there is any other explination as to why i would gratefully like to no -Tanya.
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I sure hope the antidepressant was given AFTER every other medical possibility was ruled out. Were you tested for thyroid function, diabetes, anemia? Have you seen a sleep specialist to rule out sleep disorders? Maybe the antidepressants aren't working because something else is contributing to how you feel.  
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You might be suffering from hypersomnia. It may present as excessive daytime sleepiness or nocturnal sleep of long duration (as much as 12 h or more) or sleep drunkenness. Patients do not get abnormal amounts of night sleep rather they have problems waking up in the morning and staying awake during the day.

The causes can be genetic, brain damage or medical disorders such as clinical depression, uremia and fibromyalgia. Sometimes hypersomnia may be due to other sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome. Your symptoms may be linked to depression. Try relaxation exercises, meditation, change life style etc.

You should consult a sleep specialist for a complete medical and psychological workup.
Take care and regards.
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