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why does an insomniac finally sleep while next to this one person?

My boyfriend has PTSD and doesn’t sleep well even with his ex-wife of 13 years and even after she left. Then through divorce and job issues and now college and we have been together for 4 years it hasn’t gotten any better. However while going to college he randomly meets in his view the wrong person but laying down next to her he falls hard asleep for 8-10 hours without interruption. Has anyone heard of this happening with an insomniac? He doesn’t want a full on relationship with her and it doesn’t make sense to any of the 3 of us.
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What doesn't make the most sense is how you consider this man to be your "boyfriend" while he is actively seeking other relationships.  As for him, the one constant is PTSD, and yes by resolving that his sleep should improve regardless of whom he sleeps next to.
He definitely wasn’t seeking out another relationship. This was discovered while he was very sick and his roommates love interest decided to sleep next to him while he was feverish. He fell hard asleep. Medication for the PTSD is not something he always wants to go with. He doesn’t want a relationship with this person but he sleeps when she’s there. So he finds this all confusing. I just want to know if anyone has ever heard of this happening and if there is maybe a chemical response or something and is there a different route that we can try. Trazodone is not good for him.
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