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Im up to three packs a day!! It *****?

How do I stop the cravingings?
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There are no easy answers but it might help if you were to understand why you smoke. Sometimes there are underlying issues that can be dealt with and working on them could help you quit.
Anxiety, stress, depression, tiredness, hunger are some of these issues, but mine was mainly anxiety and stress. I am not even taking to account the physical addiction which generally takes 72 hours to leave the bloodstream. If you can get through the first 3 days, then you have a better chance of quitting.
Try reading the articles (Joel's Library) at whyquit.com and getting to the real reasons for your addiction, then you can really work on it.
As for the cravings......they really don't last very long, so if you can wait them out, then you can deal with them one at a time. The longer you go without, the lesser the urges.

I used a toothpick and/or lolipops, anything that keeps you hands and mouth busy : )
You might want to chose an aid to help....I used Chantix while others have used the gum or patch. Cold turkey is probably the best way but certainly not the easiest. Do some research on what you think is do-able and if you have to much anxiety, you might want to talk to a doctor and see if he/she will prescribe Wellbutrin which is another quitting method. It is also used for anxiety.
Please keep us posted on your progress and remember we are her to support you : )
I smoked for 38 years and am 10 months, 1 week and 6 days smoke free : )
Kathy Jo
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I never smoked 3 packs a day but I did smoke 2 packs years ago.  My suggestion to you is smoke 1.5 packs per day for a few weeks to a month.  Count every single one.  You are allowed 30 a day.   In fact I might also suggest that you can't go to bed until you smoke all 30.  

You can do this because if you are wanting a cigarette NOW you just tell yourself you can't have it for "x" amount of minutes.  With smoking 30 per day you'll be able to have one almost every 1/2 hour.

And remember, just because you want a cigarette or crave a cigarette doesn't mean you HAVE to have one.  Think about that sentence.  It's powerful.

Linda Joy Allan
Author of "I Quit!"
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3 packs? wow! that is too much. You really should quit while you still have the time, you're harming yourself too much.

I think your determination and willingness to quit will be your best tool against the cravings. I can't imagine how hard it is since I didn't smoke that much before but i think it all boils down to your will power.

What I do is I keep reading scary facts about smoking and it keeps me from picking up another stick. : )

Watch this video, it shows how much tar ends up in your lungs after 2 boxes of cigarettes....scary! That's after a week for you if you're smoking 3 packs a day. Watch it til the end.

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I am trying to quit too. It's only been a week, but I am bound and determined not to go back. What is helping me with it, number one I"m on the patch, but I bought an electronic cigeratte. Sounds weird, but it helps with the mental part of it. It has a filter in which you put a "non nicotine" one in or you can get them with high, medium or low nicotine. I am using the "non" nicotine, but it does feel like you're smoking, so it helps my cravings a lot. YOu can go to ebay or google and look it up. It explains all about them, but the last few times I tried to quit it was more of that mental thing that I didn't get through, but using this electronic smoke, really has helped me. It has a vapor mist that comes out and looks like real smoke but it's harmless, anway that's helping me alot.
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