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quitting smoking

ive been smoking cigarettes for almost 10 years. ive managed to quit a few times. but only for a month at the most. i keep reading about ways to quit online, and i keep reading that its best to quit cold turkey instead of slowly and gradually. i always try the nicotine patches. they do wonderful for the first couple of weeks. but then i still get cravings that just get stronger and stronger. but if i try cold turkey, its completely hopeless. I'll be smoking in a couple hours, if that. im so done with cigarettes. yet im not. if that makes any sense. i just cant figure out how to remove them from my life completely. the two people i live with are also smokers, which is one of the reasons it is so hard for me to stick with my plan. i was also wondering if there were other things that might make me crave a cigarette. like.. im a regular marijuana user. is there any way that my nicotine addiction could be linked to a marijuana addiction? possibly that just the act of smoking weed triggers an urge to smoke cigarettes?
the reason i ask, is because i am pro legalization and i feel strongly about it. i dont plan on quitting weed. my question is that maybe theres a possibility that if i put the weed down while i try to quit cigarettes, it may possibly make it easier to stop the cigarettes? are there any known cases of weed causing a stronger nicotine craving in the mind?
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I can only speak from my point of view, but for me, the weed was my downfall and what made staying quit with the cigs, impossible.  Your theory is my theory - just the act of continuing to inhale something made me crave cigarettes like crazy which is why I quit the weed back in January with the hopes it would make quitting smoking much easier.  It did!  I quit c/t on Apr28th and haven't taken a single puff.  

I wish I could say I haven't smoked any weed at all in 7mos, but I can't.  Have smoked a couple times after I hit the 6mo mark and as predicted, felt cravings for cigs that weren't there before.  Keeping the weed out of my life for the most part though has made a huge difference!    

Best of luck to you!  
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Yeah weed gives me the "smokies" the way it gives people the munchies. I don't know if it actually makes me crave a cigarette because of the weed smoke creating an "itch" in my lungs, or if when I'm high I just get the screw-it sort of attitude and lose my willpower. Also when I quit smoking I got really anxious and that didn't mix well with weed as it made me really paranoid. I think drinking and smoking weed are pretty big triggers for a lot of people. Best of luck to you!
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