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smoking ciggerates

How can I quit smoking ciggerates ? And am 10weeks pregnant in 5days and I need to quit asap
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Having a very good reason to quit like pregnancy, wanting to impress someone, living up to the expectation of someone or having diseases like COPD etc lend a motivation to quit smoking. Since you have this reason already, you must channelize all your efforts to quit smoking.
. However, quitting smoking is more of a mind game. Cravings are bad—but they are cravings—they just stay for a few hours or minutes and then go away. So, if you can keep yourself distracted enough, be strong and determined during that time not to succumb to electronic cigarettes or any other ways of smoking then you will be fine for rest of the time when there is no craving. Slowly with time the cravings will reduce. Try and avoid being around people who smoke. Also, keep yourself busy and engaged in activities you like.  Join support and de-addiction groups to stay motivated
Here are the steps to quit smoking. You can change them according to your need or as per the advice of your physician.
• The first step is to decide and stick to your decision.  
• Set and date and throw away all cigarettes.
• Inform your physician about your decision and seek help in terms of medications, alternatives to smoking etc.
• Join a group to stay motivated.
• Consult a therapist as counseling will help divert your attention from cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
• Ask your doctor/therapist regarding 24 X 7 telephone support services that help keep you motivated in the effort. Enroll in this service.
• At all stages when you have cravings and withdrawal symptoms, remember they are temporary and will pass away even if you do not smoke.
• Tell your friends about your decision and seek their help and support.
• Take up exercise: walking, jogging, swimming etc to keep fit.
• Eat healthy.
• Be strong.

Hope these steps help you quit smoking once for all! Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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u just need 2 things
one is will power
second is being seriously strict about it

i left smoking about 35 days back and am feeling really good..
there is nothing in it except for enjoying stupid smoke..
remember take of ur health frm inside..outside will automatically shine..

best of luck and just be strict about it,,u will leave smoking..
there will be time when u really need a smoke thats the time u really wanna control..if u pass through this desperate phase u will win..

tc and have a healthy baby
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Dear Ash
Can regular usage of invited 4mg cause problem/side effects in long run

Thank u
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I left smoking after 50 years. Since long my priority was to be free from smoking. 3 times I stopped for 3 months when I was abroad with daughter and her husband. they are medicos and do not like smoking. I could stop because of their attitude. when I returned to India, I started after one week. Usually I start with one cigarette and in a few days will revert 10 cigs per day. On 4th June, because sever heat, I could not go out to buy ciagretts for 24 hours. then thinking that now it is time i must have cig. so I picked up my purse , to my pleasant surprise, I found one packet lying under the purse. I was just euphoric and started to open the packet.......All of a sudden I realized that I have passed 24 hours without smoking and why not try how long I can be without cigarettes. I offered these cigarettes to my friends. and I won over smoking.
It is believed that if you leave smoking for 3 years, you are a confirmed non-smoker. Before 3 years you are a prospective non-smoker. I did yoga, meditation, Reiki, acupressure naturopaty. NOthing helped. Only a chance and a challenge helped me. So I think, pregnancy is right opportunity to leave smoking. Every smoker has to find a chance which help you to say good-bye to smoking. I had no withdrawal symptoms.    
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good for you Dalubaba, I have always truly believed its all possible if you have made up your mind to finally quit, the mind is a powerful thing!!
I have stopped too (nearly, but not 100%) after 50 yrs of smoking...the damage is done but its so nice to breath a little better and not be CHAINED to cigarettes.
is that Jun 4 of this year you stopped? like 4 days ago?
I more or less quit in Jan. but have picked up a few packs and smoked them slowly than quit again....so don't really know what day I'm on anymore, jsut that I hate the taste of them and desperately want to stop....

Keep up the great work!!!
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