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Has anyone else's smoking addiction gotten worse during covid-19 ?

During lockdown my smoking has sometimes skyrocketed, like there are some days where I will look and have smoked four entire packs and be half way through a 5th pack before dinner and Im just like - oh my god what is wrong with me?! So Ive struggled with a bad smoking addiction for years and even changed jobs three years ago so I could work from home so I could smoke as much as I wanted at work ... so I dont have like a great track record exactly - in fact Im fairly sure Im the worst I know - but I was just wondering if other people find the stress of lockdown and quarantine and staying home all the time has made their smoking addictions worse?  
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Yes I’m chain smoking a lot more due to lockdown so I feel your pain…
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Hello, welcome to the forum.  The lock down has been stressful.  How is the smoking going?  Are you wanting to reduce or stop smoking altogether?
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Hi Stephanie.  I remember you and your posts very well.  In fact, I doubt I will ever forget ;)   And yes, I do believe you have the worst habit of anyone I've ever seen post here.  All the yrs you've been here, I'm sorry, I have to laugh a little at your idea of your habit 'skyrocketing', as your habit has been in orbit for many years now, in my opinion.  You used to shock me with your blase attitude, but I'm used to you now, it's just your way, you no longer surprise me.  I am glad to see you're still alive and not all that surprised to see you've jumped to a 5th pack occasionally it sounds like.  You simply cannot feel very well.  Am I right?  

I was smoke free from 2013 - 2016.  Due to a huge life change in 2015, I began smoking again in Feb of 2016.  Of course, Big mistake.  All it's done is add to an already extremely stressful situation.  

I've been going days without.  I've not been successful quitting completely yet because the habit, well, has become a habit again, especially when highly stressed, but I can say that one pack is lasting me a good 3 days, then I will reassess for 24 - 48 hrs (I ALWAYS feel better just in that short time alone), but so far I always give in.  It's not like I don't know what to do, and that's to just stop!  That's what you do simple as that!  You (as in, people in general) are going to suffer from withdrawal for months, sure, everyone does, but it's worth it coming out the other side.  

I had a CT scan last Feb and on the report was "Mild Centribulobar Emphysema".  While hardly a surprise given the amount of years I've smoked, it was very scary reading that.  

To close, all I can say to you honey is I hope that one day you will post that you have quit.  That would truly be remarkable.  In the meantime, I  wish you the best.  
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