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Why can't I quit smoking cigarettes? Vaping fails

I am still struggling with smoking cigarettes after what feels like forever. I hadnt posted here in forever and just remembered how helpful this forum is so after what feels like a billion years, I thought Id try to check back - and wow I know I hadnt been here much since 2011 or so but while so many things have changed in my life in the last 8 years, Im still a horrible chainsmoker and its starting to really get to me now - I cough and wheeze all the time - I have tried vaping and its just not for me at all - Im still stuck in real cigarettes and I can't go a half hour without needing another cigarette, sometimes well almsot all the time its like every fifteen minutes before I need to smoke another cig - am I the only person who hasnt been able to get vaping to work?
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I told myself to man up. Took me 25 years to become a pack a day smoker....I'm on day 19 cold turkying, today I got this weird needle like pains in my stomach, I'm sure is the freaking xportA king-size calling but won't give in...never again. Let's take control of our life's my brothers and sisters WE CAN DO IT!
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Oh, I love your attitude XxportA. How is it going?  Are you successful with your smoking cessation plan?
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Hi...here’s my advice. I was a smoker of about 20 years and quit (off and on) with vaping. It didn’t happen overnight, or even over a few months. First, you must be ready once and for all to put cigarettes down for good. Second, not all vaping devices are the same. I went thru a few before I found the style that worked. Now there’s what’s called Nicotine Salts and it’s geared towards smokers who aren’t satisfied with the regular form of vaping. If you decide to go that route, be sure to get a vaping device that’s for vaping nicotine salts. There’s a lot online that will explain the difference between the two kinds of vape juices, but whichever route you choose, be sure it comes from a reputable manufacturer since there’s so much going on with vaping and lung illness now. I use Kai’s Virgin Vapor-they use limited, natural and organic ingredients and they’re very good! I do wish you all the luck with quitting....it’ll be one of the best things you’ll ever do for your health.
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