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Do you love being alone? Do you want to come out of your shell? Post your comments here.

Find true friends that truly understand you. I have been dealing with social anxiety for years and for some reason I have never met anyone that could bring me out of my shell. This group is not only for other members it's for me as well. Hope to speak with you all soon.
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I am the same way, and I am glad there is someone out there like me!
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I have social anxiety too.
Glad to meet people like me.
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I have had social anxiety since grade 6. I never knew what it was until a year ago.
The worst part for me is that when it comes up..my face goes TOMATO red. No one ever believes me. Some have seen it and of course have to make it worse by saying it's red OUT LOUD.
it just *****. I'm on zoloft and honesty it has made my life so much easier. I don't get as anxious and i dont go red. But it's obviously not gone. It's still there sometimes.
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i dont know why it blocked some of my convo out :s I didn't swear. lol
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I have had this type of disorder for most of my adult life, it has been a crippling problem and has destroyed my life. I have tried to overcome my anxiety and have gone through group therapy, I have pushed myself to join groups and then found problems dealing with people out there. I have major problems with trust too, so I don't know if that is where my problem stems from it or if it is the anxiety. I wish that I could overcome this, it is getting worse and now that I am disabled I find it easier to not go out at all. I just do what I have to in the world and come home. I am completely alone, my family has abandoned me and my husband too. I don't want the last of my life to be all alone, I am at the point that I must try anything to overcome this, any suggestions to get out that door in a safe way is what i need, what do others do?  
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