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26 years old female....
1 child....
diagnosed with ADD, anxiety disorder, and panic attacks....Now my questions are/is can drugs as in a 1 time use i have done back in my years (dont do drugs anymore) its been 4 years i tried the crack/cocaine use and that took me into the E.R with major major pains 2 my chest rite in the dead center after using this mistaken drug ever since then i have done tests just like every1 else thats experienced chest pains like they would do EKG's ECG's, heart monitor tests, even stress tests about twice now...and evrythings ok with me my heart ect...but wut i wanna kno is that from almost everyday chest pains and palpitations i experience at steady paces until the time i HAve 2 just have 2 pop a xanax all the time can  so called anxiety/panic lead 2 future heart attacks and exposure 2 an irregular heart beats....thanx u all 4 any response i get back.......
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